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Parcel Tax - Measure G

On June 7, 2016, voters approved Measure G Parcel Tax assessment for $142.00 per parcel for eight years.  Parcel Tax funds allow Moreland School District to attract and retain high quality teachers, maintain high-quality science, reading and math programs, including classroom technology and learning materials, keep class size small and keep school libraries open and accessible to students.  The tax is assessed against each parcel of taxable land within MSD boundaries.

Exemptions from the $142.00 Moreland School District Parcel Tax are available to Senior Citizens (65 years or older) who own and occupy, as a principal residence, a parcel and apply to the District for exemption. In addition, we have available Supplemental Security Income Exemption (SSI) (owner/occupants receiving supplemental security income for a disability), SS Disability Insurance (SSDI),  and a Contiguous Parcel Tax Exemption.   Applications are accepted beginning  the 1st week of January until June 15th.  Please pass this information along to the seniors in your neighborhood.

Due to Covid, we are allowing applications and documents to be sent via email, mailed, or dropped off at the District Office by June 15th, 2022. Please make sure you include your phone number on the application so that we may contact you if your application is incomplete.

  • Proof of birth (driver’s license, birth certificate, medi-cal card, or passport)
  • Proof of residence ( current utility bill)
  • Proof of ownership (property tax bill, tax bill w/homeowner’s exemption)

iors who have previously applied do not need to file a validation form each year.  You will automatically receive the exemption.  If you sell your house and move out of the area, please call and let us know at the phone number listed below.
The period to submit applications for the 2022-2023 year ended on June 15th, 2022.

If you have questions, please contact Debbi Lyon at the address below: 

Moreland School District
4711 Campbell Avenue
San Jose, CA  95130
(408) 874-2921
Attention:  Debbi Lyon, Business Services
[email protected]