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Library Partnerships

In April, 2019, Moreland students in grades 4th - 8th grade submitted their design for the Moreland/San Jose Public Library Card that will be distributed to each student in the fall of 2019.  Below are the top designs submitted from each participating school.   Congratulations to Aadya V. from Country Lane, whose design, "Travel the World with Books" won the online voting contest.  
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Santa Clara County Library District (including the City of Campbell Library)

The Santa Clara County Library District is thrilled to partner with Moreland to help students access free information and quality resources through their new library account. 

Students can download ebooks and music, print World Book articles or read a newspaper online! Databases are easy to use digital resources that contain a wealth of information that you and your students may use to research and learn wherever you are 24/7. Databases let you search and browse by topic, date, author and other fields. Articles can be downloaded, read aloud, cited and shared.


What is a Santa Clara County Library District student account?
A Santa Clara County Library District student account is a special library account that uses a student’s ID number as the e-account number so it’s easy for students to remember. There is no physical card associated with these accounts (though you can request one). All Moreland School District students automatically get a student account, unless their parent opts them out.

What is my card number?
The library barcode of each student account is formatted as follows (with no dash or plus sign): S + Permanent ID + MSD.

How do I find my student’s Permanent ID Number? To find your student’s Permanent ID on the Aeries APp, open the app, click More, click Demographics.  From the Aeries website, click Student Info > Demographics.

What is my PIN Number? Your PIN is the student’s birth month + day (for example, May 1 is 0501).

Do student accounts replace traditional library cards? No. If a student already has a traditional Santa Clara County Library District library card, he/she will continue to be able to use that card. Student eAccounts will remain active for all free online resources regardless of any fees incurred on physical materials on full use cards.   

What Santa Clara County Library District resources will be accessible with a student account? Students will have full access to the Santa Clara County Library District’s online library, including research, eBooks, online tutors, test preparation and more.

How do students begin using their accounts? Students can begin accessing Santa Clara County Library District resources immediately by visiting the Student Accounts page at

Are all students eligible for a student account? Yes. All students enrolled at the Moreland School District are eligible for a student account.

Do student accounts expire? Santa Clara County Library District’s online library access expires after no use in 3 years.

Will student accounts work during the summer while school is not in session? Yes. Student accounts provide access to the library all year round.

How are student accounts created? The creation and maintenance of student accounts is managed centrally by the Santa Clara County Library District using data provided by the school district.

How do new students get an account? Using data updates provided by the school district, Santa Clara County Library District will create a student account for each new student automatically.


San Jose Public Libraries

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