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Title IX FAQs

How do I contact the Title IX Coordinator?

The contact information for the Title IX Coordinator is listed below.  During school site closures, please email complaints to the Title IX Coordinator:

Jennifer Baldwin

Title IX Coordinator

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Moreland School District

4711 Campbell, Avenue

San Jose, CA 95130

(408) 874-2936

[email protected]


How do I bring a complaint?

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying based upon a protected class, you should immediately contact the school site Principal/Assistant Principal and/or the Title IX Coordinator. Please visit MSD’s Title IX Uniform Complaint Procedure page for additional information.

Are anonymous complaints possible?

Yes – you can use the anonymous Title IX complaint form. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the Title IX Office to follow up and investigate.

Do parents have to be notified if a complaint is received by a student?

Yes – when the Title IX Office receives a complaint directly from a student or through the school site or website via anonymous complaint, the parent(s) will be notified unless the student is 18 years old or older.

Who are the “parties” in a complaint?

The complainant is the party who makes a complaint or alleges that he/she is a victim in an incident that may be in violation of Title IX or Moreland School District policies. The respondent is the alleged perpetrator in the incident.

How does the Title IX office stay in contact with the parties during an investigation?

The Title IX Office will stay in contact with the student and parent(s) of the parties throughout the investigation process. The school site administration will also stay in contact with the parties. At the end of the investigation, parties will receive a decision letter advising of the outcome of the investigation.

What happens if students are not willing to participate in the investigation process?

No student is required to participate in the investigation process. If a complainant does not wish to file a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator may still investigate the alleged incident.

What happens when a case is completed?

At the end of a formal investigation, decision letters are sent to the complainant’s and the respondent’s parent(s) (unless party is 18 years or older) to explain whether violation(s) of policy have been found and what discipline may be imposed (if necessary).

What if additional problems occur between parties in the future?

Either party, complainant or respondent, should report any problems to a school administrator or the Title IX Coordinator. Moreland School District policy includes a prohibition against retaliation.

What happens when I go to another school (graduation from elementary or middle)?

The supportive measures or protections can continue at another school site within MSD. Please advise your new school site of any concerns you may have with another student or contact the Title IX Office to ensure a smooth transition from one school to another.

Who makes the decision about discipline in Title IX matters?

The decision-maker who issues the final letter will provide information about any discipline that applies to a situation. The discipline decision is made in conjunction with the school site administration.