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Measure M Bond

Measure M is a bond measure that was passed in the March 2020 Santa Clara County election seeking voter authorization for funds to make needed facilities repairs, upgrades, and improvements to all seven Moreland School District school sites: Anderson, Baker, Country Lane, and Payne Elementary Schools; Easterbrook Discovery and Latimer Schools (Kindergarten - 8th grade); and Moreland Middle School (6th - 8th grade).

Why has Moreland School District placed Measure M on the ballot?
Moreland School District has spent the past year assessing our school facilities and technology at our seven school sites across the school district. We have worked with our community to identify critical facility needs that require attention to protect the local quality of education, keep our students safe and secure at school, and help Moreland students get college- and career-ready. After a thorough assessment and planning effort, the Moreland Board of Trustees took action on November 12, 2019 to place a local school bond, Measure M, on the March 2020 ballot.  The Moreland School District wishes to thank the community for passing Measure M at the March 2020 election.

What was the actual question that voters were asked to decide in the March 2020 election? “To repair and update local elementary and middle schools, including student learning environments for 21st-century learning; make essential school safety improvements; repair leaky roofs; maintain technology; repair, acquire, construct classrooms, equipment, sites/facilities; shall Moreland School District’s measure authorizing $80,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying approximately $30/$100,000 assessed value ($5,700,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, be approved, with citizen oversight, audits, no funds for administrators, all funds for local schools?”

How will Measure M funds be used? 
Funds will be used to:

  • Repair and replace leaky roofs, failing and inefficient HVAC systems, electrical wiring and aging infrastructure.
  • Upgrade safety and security systems, including fire alarms and communication systems, security cameras and fencing.
  • Ensure that children’s playgrounds, walkways and fields meet current health and safety standards.
  • Keep schools safe, clean and well-maintained.
  • Update student learning environments for 21st century learning.


By law, all Measure M funds MUST stay local and be used ONLY to improve Moreland school facilities.

What about ongoing maintenance at Moreland schools?
District facilities staff members work tirelessly to maintain our schools and keep them in good working condition despite limited resources. However, the types of repairs and renovations that our current needs assessment has identified and are included in Measure M go well beyond the scope and means of regular school maintenance budgets. \

How can we be assured that Measure M money will be spent properly?
Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED. All Measure M funds stay local — they cannot be taken away by the State or used for other purposes. ONLY facilities and equipment repairs and upgrades are allowed. NO funds can be spent on administrators' salaries. Measure M requires the establishment of an independent Citizens Oversight Committee within 60 days after a successful election result is certified. The Committee is responsible for monitoring bond finances to ensure the public that the money is spent properly. Measure M also requires independent annual audits on use of bond proceeds to ensure accountability to the public.

Who will serve on the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee?
The Committee consists of at least seven members of the public and cannot include any District employee, vendor, or contractor.  Members of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee include representatives from the local parent community, a taxpayer association, the business community, and a senior citizens organization among others. The role of the Committee is to review copies of the annual independent audits of bond finances; inspect District facilities to ensure the revenues are being spent properly; review copies of maintenance proposals or plans developed by the District for Measure M; and review the District’s efforts to maximize Measure M bond revenues by implementing cost-saving programs.

Doesn’t the STATE provide funding for facility upgrades?              
Very little. In the past, state funding has been available to support local school upgrades but especially now, we cannot count on this uncertain source of funding. Moreover, in order to access state funding, school districts MUST generate local matching funds by passing a local school bond measure. Passing a local bond is the ONLY way to qualify for additional state funding if and when it becomes available. There are no other sources of funding for major facility upgrades

Where can I get more information?
For more information, please contact the Moreland School District office at (408) 874-2923.