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Independent Study Program

The Moreland School District has a well-established Independent Study Program for families who seek an alternative educational experience for their child.  Families work with our ISP teachers to design and implement a standards-based program that is tailored to their child’s interests and needs.

For the 2021-22 school year, as we transition back from the pandemic, the Independent Study Program is also available to students whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction.  
Due to this new legislation, there are some new requirements for all students attending ISP.
  • A parent-teacher conference will be held prior to enrollment.
  • Attendance is required and will be used to monitor participation and for state reporting purposes.
  • For a student on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the IEP team needs to hold a meeting to determine that ISP is an appropriate program for the student.
  • While there is a Moreland ISP teacher who provides overall oversight for ISP, the day to day Independent Study learning is supervised and guided by the parent.
  • All students will need to log in each morning for daily attendance and check-in meetings.
  • Students in grades TK-3 will have a daily synchronous 30 minute Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson. 
  • Students in grades 4-8 will have a weekly synchronous 60 minute Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson.
  • Students in grades K-8 will have options for lesson support for each subject area each day.  The curriculum lessons can be delivered by the parent or by a credential teacher over Zoom or via a recorded lesson.
  • Students in TK will have daily interaction and daily synchronous instruction for 30 minutes a day.  Synchronous instruction may be classroom-style, designated small group, or one one one instruction.  All other instruction will be asynchronous.  
  • We have expanded our partnership with Edmentum to provide the curriculum and lesson support.
  • Moreland ISP teachers will meet with parents and students weekly to review progress and provide support.
  • In the event a family decides to disenroll their child from the program, the District will enroll the child into a traditional classroom within 5 instructional days.  Every effort will be made to place the child at their home school, however final placement will be determined by space availability.

All students need to be enrolled in the Moreland School District prior to enrollment in ISP.  After district enrollment, The ISP application form needs to be completed.  Parents will be contacted by the ISP teachers to set up a conference to discuss program expectations and sign a written agreement.