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Bond Measure M

Background: Moreland School District believes all students deserve to learn in quality classrooms and school facilities. We have two key priorities: first, to ensure academic success for every student attending one of our schools; and second, to make sure that our school facilities and school grounds are safe, secure, modern, and equipped to provide the best educational environment possible. As part of our commitment to maintaining a high quality of education in neighborhood schools, we’ve spent the past year assessing our school facilities and technology needs from all seven schools across the District. Many of our schools are aging, and we have significant facilities needs at every school site.  Unfortunately, the level of school funding provided by the State of California is one of the lowest in the nation. We need local funding to fill in the gap in order to provide facilities that will help keep our kids safe and give them the best possible learning environment to be prepared for high school, college, and careers of the future.

Measure M DEFINED: Measure M is a bond measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot seeking voter authorization for Moreland School District funding to make needed facilities repairs, upgrades, and improvements to all seven Moreland School District school sites – Anderson, Baker, Country Lane, and Payne Elementary Schools; Easterbrook Discovery and Latimer Schools; and Moreland Middle School. Measure M requires 55% support to pass. A “YES vote” approves funding for the District’s plan; a “NO vote” rejects the plan.  All Moreland School District voters registered by February 18, 2020 will be eligible to vote on Measure M.

Measure M Ballot Question: “To repair and update local elementary and middle schools, including student learning environments for 21st-century learning; make essential school safety improvements; repair leaky roofs; maintain technology; repair, acquire, construct classrooms, equipment, sites/facilities; shall Moreland School District’s measure authorizing $80,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying approximately $30/$100,000 assessed value ($5,700,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, be approved, with citizen oversight, audits, no funds for administrators, all funds for local schools?”

Measure M Summary – Measure M will:

  • Repair and replace leaky roofs, failing and inefficient HVAC systems, electrical wiring and aging infrastructure.
  • Upgrade safety and security systems, including fire alarms and communication systems, security cameras and fencing.
  • Ensure that children’s playgrounds, walkways and fields meet current health and safety standards.
  • Keep schools safe, clean and well-maintained.
  • Update student learning environments for 21st century learning.

Taxpayer Protections:

  • By law, all funds from Measure M must stay local, dedicated to Moreland schools only.
  • The State cannot take Measure M funding away.
  • Measure M funding is only for school facilities and technology needs. No funds are allowed for administrators' salaries or pensions.
  • Independent Citizens' Oversight and mandatory audits will ensure Measure M funds are spent properly.


For more information:

Email [email protected] OR call the Moreland School District office at (408) 874-2900.