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Superintendent's Message

March/April 2019


Dear Moreland Community,


I am sure you can agree that the weather in our area lately feels more like the Northwest Coast than our normal jump into Spring sunshine!  Rain has been a common partner to our staff and students these last few months with all the fun that brings: jumping in puddles, indoor recess, wet coats and umbrellas everywhere, and a rainbow or two.  Thank you for taking extra caution during the rain as you drive your students to and from school.


March is a busy month.  Our Enrollment process begins for the next school year with some important dates to keep in mind.  If you are interested in transferring from one school to another within Moreland, your application must be submitted between March 4th and March 29th.  Enrollment is closely connected to staffing in school districts and with the tight budgets schools continue to experience, it is essential that we maintain close numbers for enrollment.  Please check our website for more information.


Additionally, every two years the Moreland School District provides an opportunity for our community to share their thoughts about what is appreciated in Moreland and where our families and community feel we could improve.  This survey is open between March 4th and March 15th.  It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and we use the data in a variety of ways. Parents interested in completing the survey should go to their child’s school website, and community members should go to the district website to find the survey link.   All Moreland staff care about being the best we can be and that starts with looking at data and listening to our customers, the students, parents, staff, and members of the community.


The next two months are also important for parents as they make plans for their children during the summer months.  Moreland will be offering our amazing Extended Care Summer Camp program this year, housed at Latimer School. Additionally, the Moreland Education Foundation (MEF) will be offering their Summer Enrichment nt Program.  This will also take place on the Latimer campus. Please go to the Moreland website with questions about the Moreland Extended Care program and the Moreland Education Foundation website for information about the MEF Summer Enrichment program. Both  programs have excellent reviews and fill up quickly!


As spring moves forward, hopefully with a little less rain, our after-school sports programs will transition from Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball to Track and Field.  With the support of the Moreland Education Foundation, we are able to provide these extension activities after school for our middle school students. We are also partnering with KidztoPros to provide after-school sports and other enrichment opportunities for our students at both the elementary and middle school levels. Please inquire at your school office for these spring time activities on your child’s campus.




Dr. Mary Kay Going