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Request a Banner to be Displayed

The Moreland School District looks to promote a positive relationship between district schools and the community in order to enhance student success, as well as community support and involvement in the schools.
1. Moreland School District will permit banners for the following organizations:
  • Youth leagues using district facilities
  • Home and School Clubs
  • Moreland Educational Foundation
  • Official district business
2. Displayed banners:
  • Must show opening and closing dates of registration
  • May be hung for a maximum of 30 days
  • Must be removed within one week of registration close or the organization will not be permitted to display banners on school property in the future
  • May not exceed 3’ x 5’ in size
  • Must be secured at each corner. Banners not securely fastened will be removed.
3. The district retains all rights of censorship including language and pictorial representations.
4. Organization must submit Banner Request Form (below) to Debbie Petty at [email protected] for approval prior to hanging.