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Moreland Participates in International Great ShakeOut Day

The Moreland School District will participate in the International Great ShakeOut Day tomorrow Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  The Great ShakeOut is a day of individual and community events featuring the largest earthquake drill ever, organized to inspire people to get ready for big earthquakes.  For Moreland, this will be a traditional earthquake drill that will include the entire District preparing for and practicing how to react and respond in an actual earthquake.

  • Schools will practice their earthquake drill on Wednesday, working with students on how to be safe.

  • Moreland encourages families to talk with their children before and after this drill, as well as prepare an emergency preparedness plan at home.

  • Safety drills are practiced monthly at school for various types of emergencies.

Please refer to the Safety Flyer sent home with your student for more details on school-wide emergency drills and your role in an actual emergency.  This flyer also includes a cut out you can cut and keep with you at all times. For your convenience, the Safety Flyer can be found here:

To learn more about the Great Shakeout, visit