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Moreland Students Enjoyed the Educational Opportunities of the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017, Moreland students had the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary event - a total eclipse of the sun in the late morning, in which the moon completely blocks the sun's bright face for 2 + minutes, day will turn into night, making visible the otherwise hidden solar corona, the sun's outer atmosphere.  The eclipse was visible across all North America, with an opportunity to see a partial eclipse in San Jose that lasted between two to three hours.    

The Moreland School District was excited to have this opportunity to talk with students in all our schools about how scientists take precautions when studying such subjects as the sun and individual teachers used this time to study and view this amazing event.  The eclipse also provided a unique chance to study the sun, Earth, moon and their interaction because of the eclipse’s long path over land coast to coast.  


Thank you to all the parent volunteers who came out to the individual school sites and shared this incredible opportunity with the Moreland staff and students.