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Moreland Announces Voting Open for Student Design of New Library Card

San Jose, May 13, 2019:  Moreland is excited to announce that online voting is open for the student-design of the San Jose Public Library Card that will be distributed to each Moreland student in the fall of 2019.  The District announced its partnership with the San Jose Public Library in February, with a common goal of connecting all Moreland students to immediate online resources, as well as access to public branch libraries located in close proximity to Moreland schools.  

Moreland is one of only a few school districts chosen by the City of San Jose to pilot a joint library program that provides Moreland students with a physical library card and unlimited online use of the San Jose Public Libraries’ subscription/ebook services.  The art design contest for the physical student library card began in early April and was open to all Moreland students in grades 4 - 8.  School sites selected their top 3 designs and submitted them to a design selection committee, made up of staff and parent representatives from several school sites, the District Office, and the San Jose Public Library. This committee then selected the top three illustrations for an online community vote.

Moreland students, staff, families and community members are encouraged to participate in this online vote that will determine the design of Moreland’s partner library card with the San Jose Public Library.  Voting is open from May 13 - May 17, 2019. You can vote here .

“Libraries are such an important part of our community and we are thrilled to have this partnership that benefits our students and families,” said Dr. Mary Kay Going, Superintendent of the Moreland School District.  “The art design submissions were extraordinary and are a perfect representation of Moreland’s talented and visionary students.”

Through Moreland’s online “First-Day Packet” process, parents will choose annually whether to opt in for the San Jose Public Library cards.  The activated cards will be delivered to students’ schools and are good for one year and can be renewed the next year during the school registration process.  

This is the Moreland School District’s second partnership with the San Jose Public Library (SJPL).  This year, Moreland served as a very successful pilot program for the SJPL’s after-school Coding 5K program, offered in all 7 Moreland schools.