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Payne 5th Grade Class Wins Local Math Competition

San Jose, May 7, 2019:  A Payne 5th grade class placed 1st in a local math contest last week through Sumdog, an online adaptive learning platform that basis scores on accuracy, the number of questions answered correctly, and ranks students based on daily and weekly contests.  Ms. Stacey Ruddy’s 5th grade class competed against 55 classes and 446 students in this San Jose, California, regional competition.

In their week-long contest, students in class answered 1000 math questions.  Of the 446 students competing throughout the regional competition, two Payne 5th graders, Casey Q. and Clarabelle C. placed in the top 5 and 17 Payne 5th graders placed in the top 50.  This Payne class ranked as a daily winner, as well as the overall winner of all classes competing.   As a prize, students chose to receive a 6-month subscription for each individual student in the area of Reading and Writing.  

Sumdog math contests adapts questions to each individual student and is aligned to the Common Core state standards.   Moreland’s Strategic Plan Goal one is to “Raise the Level of Success for All Students While Closing the Achievement Gap.”  Strategies to meet this goal includes alternative instructional strategies for math and embedding technology to enhance instruction.  Moreland is incredibly proud of our staff for finding multiple ways to teach curriculum and continue to increase the number of students school and district-wide who are meeting and exceeding standards.