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Moreland's Awards

Local, State, and National Awards for Moreland


Moreland School District continuously strives to achieve academic excellence for all students.  In doing so, our schools have soared beyond what we could have imagined, and continue to excel with our students becoming the ultimate winners.


As we continue to strive toward reaching our strategic goals every day, it is an honor to be recognized for the hard work and achievement reached by our teachers, staff, and volunteers.  A small district with big goals, we are truly a family and community unlike any other.


California Distinguished School Award 2012
Country Lane Elementary School

Country Lane Elementary School has been selected as a 2012 California Distinguished School due to their signature practices of using data to determine instructional focus and their ability to accelerate student learning with flexible grouping. Country Lane has been able to narrow the achievement gap through the use of formative assessments, benchmark data and individualized instruction to ensure that all students are succeeding to their full potential.


Glenn W. Hoffman Award Honorable Mention 2012
Payne Elementary School
Payne Elementary School has been awarded Honorable Mention in the 2012 Glenn W. Hoffman Awards for its program, “Excellence in Academic Performance” which initially originated in an effort to provide each student with data-driven instruction in all academic areas. The results of the program were evident through the growth and consistency of the STAR test results and decrease in the achievement gap ranging from 3% to 41%. The prestigious Glenn W. Hoffman Award honors exemplary educational programs that have a significant impact on student success in Santa Clara County.


2012 Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education Award
Recipient Wendy Johnson

Payne fifth grade teacher Wendy Johnson is being honored with the Goldin Foundation Excellence in Education Award. Wendy has a strong commitment to academic excellence, provides for a nurturing and challenging classroom climate, and is a natural leader. She is a consummate professional, an outstanding educator and a strong role model for new teachers. The Goldin Foundation bases its criteria on educators who play a vital role in society in supporting young people’s growth and preparing them to be adaptable, flexible, creative, and responsive to future societal change.


Payne Elementary School
Nominated for Project Cornerstone
Assets Champion Award
Payne Elementary School was nominationed for the Project Cornerstone Assets Champion Award for their commitment to fostering a positive school climate. One of Payne’s strategic goals stipulates that students, parents, and staff will feel safe, connected, respected, and engaged at Payne School, leading to a shared sense of ownership for school success.


California Distinguished School Award (link to page with more info)
Country Lane Elementary School 2012
Moreland Middle School 2011
(get dates of all schools from CDE website)

Glenn Hoffmann Award 2011

California Gold Ribbon Award
Moreland Middle School 2014

Glenn W. Hoffman Award
Moreland School District 2015
Payne Elementary School 2012
Moreland Middle School 2011


The Golden Bell Award
Anderson Elementary School 2010

The National Magna Award
Moreland School District 2011


Moreland School District and district employees have been honored with prestigious awards recognizing academic excellence.  The district received the 2011 Magna Award from the National School Boards Association, the 2010 Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association, and the Glenn W. Hoffman Exemplary Program Award and Honorable Mention from the Santa Clara County School Boards Association. District employees, including former Superintendent Glen Ishiwata and then Principal Destiny Ortega, were recognized for leadership, excellence and expertise in their field and support for student achievement.  Several Moreland teachers have received Goldin Foundation of Excellence in Education Awards.

Six Moreland schools have been designated California Distinguished Schools by the California Department of Education.  In 2012, Country Lane was designated a California Distinguished School. In 2010 and 2011, Anderson Elementary School, Easterbrook Discovery School and Moreland Middle School were again designated as California Distinguished Schools by the California Department of Education.

Moreland shines as a model of educational excellence. Standardized test scores, polling surveys, and other measures continue to bear witness to the quality that has marked the school district since its origin in 1851.  Teachers and administrators use benchmark data to help guide curriculum development and academic instruction.  Students are taught in flexible, small groups to ensure maximum learning potential and ease of intervention.  Students are provided service learning opportunities to understand how they can positively impact the world around them.
Moreland School District continues to demonstrate academic improvement for all students living up to the San Jose Mercury News report that Moreland is “The best kept secret in educational circles” for being rated the “number one school district in Santa Clara County” over a decade ago.