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Request a flyer to be approved for distribution

The Moreland School District looks to promote a positive relationship
between district schools and the community in order to enhance student success, as well as community support and involvement in the schools.
The District has replaced paper flyers with an electronic flyer program.  As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, flyers from community-based, non-profit organizations that could potentially provide benefits or resources to our students and/or their families are reviewed on a weekly basis.  
Requirements for Flyer Approval:
The Moreland School District will consider all requests for publicizing an event, service, or opportunity to Moreland School District students and their families and /or to District Staff.  Flyers that are approved for distribution must meet the following criteria:
  • Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students, or be of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians
  • Promote activities or events that occur within our District boundaries
  • Be in PDF Format
  • Contain the following disclaimer: "This is not a Moreland School District sponsored activity."
Note: The Moreland School District reserves the right to deny the approval of any flyer, which in the opinion of the District does not meet the above criteria.  The District reserves the right to use discretion to deny any flyer that may not support the goals or mission of The Moreland School District.
Board Policy 1325, Advertising & Promotion
Steps for getting an outside flyer approved:
  1. Read the requirements to make sure that your flyer follows the requirements 
  2. Confirm that your flyer has the District-required disclaimer.
  3. Email Josie Arce at for approval.
**Flyers are reviewed on a weekly basis.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.**
Questions about flyer distribution can be directed to Josie Arce at or 408.874.2935