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Covid-19 Information

The Moreland School District is committed to maintaining a safe, in-person learning environment for preschool - 8th grade students. Supporting student learning is at the core of everything we do. Schools provide safe and supportive learning environments, access to critical services, and improve the life outcomes for students. This page will direct you to the district Covid-19 information.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (408) 874-2900 or

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Covid Flowchart Title
TK-8 Decision Tree:
The following flowchart includes information for close contacts that are exposed outside the school environment, as well as testing requirements.

TK -12 Covid Decision Tree
Quarantine Decision Tree:
The following flowchart includes information for close contacts that are exposed inside the school environment.
TK - 12 Decision Tree for Close Contacts in a School Environment

View the recorded webinar below

August 10, 2021Dr. Clover Codd, Board Trustees Heather Sutton and Shelly Hong, and District Office Staff hosted the 2nd Reopening of School Information Session. Dr. Codd presented information about the District's Reopening Plan and answered questions from staff, parents, and community members. View the recorded webinar here.

August 3, 2021: Dr. Clover Codd, Board Trustees Heather Sutton and Ryan Sales, and District Office Staff hosted Reopening of School Information Session. Dr. Codd presented information about the District's Reopening Plan and answered questions from staff, parents, and community members.  View the Recorded Webinar Here.   Passcode: PLd3p@7X

July 28, 2021:  Dr. Clover Codd sends update and FAQ's out to Moreland community.
We are three weeks away from the start of school and we are so excited to welcome our staff and students to the 2021/2022 school year! I wanted to provide you with an update and point you to answers to some frequently asked questions submitted through our last parent letter. We will continue to add questions as they come in. Read the full message here.

July 12, 2021:  Dr. Clover Codd announces full reopening of schools.
As we are planning for the 2021/2022 school year, it is with great excitement that I announce Moreland will be opening full-time.  As of this letter, Santa Clara County has reached a promising milestone of more than 80% of those eligible have received vaccinations. While we anticipate continuing K-12 school guidance to be released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California Public Health Department (CDPH), and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD), Moreland staff are currently following strict state and local health department criteria while working to ensure the safety of students, staff, and family members. Read the full announcement here.

FAQsUpdated 08/26/2021
Please note - if you have questions specifically about a school or a special circumstance for your child, please feel free to reach out to your school site office or the district office for an answer.  The district office can be reached at or (408) 874-2900.


Q:     Why does my child have to wear a mask when the CDC only recommends it?
A:     The CDPH requires that K-12 students and staff wear masks indoors, with exemptions per CDPH face mask guidance. 
         The recent increase in cases, which are attributed to more contagious variants, highlights the importance of wearing face coverings indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Universal masking reduces the frequency of required quarantine and minimizes the need for physical distancing, allotting more in-person instructional time for students. 
         If we receive new guidance or recommendations from public health officials, we will communicate it to our full community. CDPH will continue to assess conditions on an ongoing basis, and will determine no later than November 1, 2021, whether to update mask requirements or recommendations. You can read the full CDPH K-12 guidance here.

Q:     Will children be allowed to remove masks when outdoors, replacing them as they come inside?
A:      Yes. The current CDPH guidelines require students to wear masks indoors. Students are allowed to remove masks when outdoors. 

Q:     If you have unvaccinated staff/teachers, will they be mandated to wear masks indoors in classrooms?
A:     At this time, the guidelines require all teachers and staff to wear masks indoors.

Q:     If the state and county determine that vaccinated children 12 and up may remove masks indoors, does Moreland intend to follow the guidance or go its own way?
A:     Moreland intends to follow the guidelines put forth by the CDPH and Santa Clara County Public Health. Should this guidance change, we will reassess at that time. 

Q:     How are you going to enforce masks? 
A:      In order to maintain consistency and safety for all of our students and staff, any student who does not have a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a mask, must wear a mask. Moreland will provide masks for students who inadvertently fail to bring a face covering to school. Without an exemption form, all school districts must enforce mask wearing. Should a child refuse to wear a mask, the District would be in the position to move that student out of the in-person instructional program and into the Independent Study program. 

Q:   Kids under 12 often may not wear the mask correctly (not covering their nose). How will the teachers ensure that kids wear the mask correctly all the time?
A:    Students will be taught proper mask wearing procedures and staff will monitor students inside the classroom. 

Q:      My child has special needs and is unable to wear a mask as a result.  How do we go about getting a medical exemption for the mask requirement for him?
A:       A completed Moreland Face Covering Exemption Request Form should be submitted to the child’s principal. Documentation by a licensed physician or mental health provider stating the need for a face covering exemption and recommended alternative ways of reducing transmission risk must be submitted with the form.

Q:    If guidance suggests masks make full in-person learning safe, why wouldn’t they be mandated during outdoor activities when students interact more closely with one another?
A:    CDC guidance has said that the risk of viral transmission outside is very low, therefore making students and staff wear masks outdoors is optional. Families can talk to their students about their family preference on remaining masked while outside. We will encourage masking at all times, but outdoors is optional. 

Q:    Can we take off masks outdoors on campus, or are masks both indoors and outdoors on campus?
A:     Yes, masks are optional outdoors on campus.

Q:    Do kindergarten students have to wear masks?
A:     Yes, all students in grades Transitional Kindergarten - 8th grade will be required to wear a mask.

Q:    Will vaccinated staff/students be required to wear masks outside?
A:    No, staff/students will not be required to wear masks outside.

Q:     Have you gotten any guidance on the quality of masks?  Not all masks can stop the Delta variation.
We have not received any specific guidance regarding mask quality. Should the CDPH publish new guidance for schools, we will reassess our practices and comply. 

Q:    Will there be extra masks if students come to school without one?
Yes, all schools will have extra masks for both students and staff as needed.

Q:    What happens if a student chooses not to wear a mask?
A:     As an educational institution our first goal would be to “teach” students the importance of masking and how to properly wear a mask. Should a child refuse to wear a mask after being redirected and supported to do so, the District would be in the position to move that student out of the in-person instructional program and into the Independent Study program. 

Q:    How do you plan to ensure safety outdoors if masks are optional?
A:    The current guidance tells us that transmission outdoors is a low level of risk. We encourage families and staff members to make their own choices about masking outdoors. Masking outdoors is optional at this time. We will encourage students and staff to mask outdoors if they are more comfortable with that. 



Q:      Will vaccination be required for all students and staff?  If not, why? **Updated Answer**
A:       Vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members.  Current CDPH guidelines do not require vaccinations for students and the district will follow their guidance.

Q:      If my child is not vaccinated because they are under 12 years old, can they still attend in-person school when it opens?
A:      Yes. All students, vaccinated or not, are welcome to attend school.

Q:     How are you going to verify the vaccination status of students, staff, and teachers? **Updated Answer**
A:      At this time, it is not a requirement for students to be vaccinated.  Staff and teachers will show proof of vaccination to the Human Resources department or take part in regular Covid testing.

Q:      San Jose Unified came out today with the news that they will require vaccinations for their teachers and staff, and any unvaccinated staff will have to submit to regular testing. Will Moreland consider implementing this same policy? If not, will there be any surveillance testing done of teachers, staff, or students?  **Updated Answer**
A:      Vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members. 

Q:    What’s the vaccination rate for staff and teachers? ** Updated Answer**
A:     At this time, 90.6% of Moreland staff members are vaccinated. Vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members. 

Q:    My workplace requires that I report my status as vaccinated as a Santa Clara County workplace.  Why am I not able to know if my student’s teacher is vaccinated? **Updated Answer**
A:    Vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members. 

Q:     How will you manage children under 12 that have not been vaccinated?
A:     All of our safety protocols and mitigation strategies are put in place regardless of whether or not the students are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Recent evidence indicates that in-person instruction can occur when other mitigation strategies (e.g., masking) are fully implemented.  Moreland will continue to manage the safety of students under 12 years old with safe and full in-person instruction through universal masking in schools, which enables no minimum physical distancing, allowing all students access to full in-person learning, and more targeted quarantine practices, keeping students in school; access to a robust COVID-19 testing program as an available additional safety layer; frequent hand washing and sanitizing, premium ventilation in classrooms, and daily cleaning and disinfecting.

Q:     Are you checking the vaccination status of parents?

A:     At this time, we are not checking the vaccination status of parents.

Q:    If our child’s teacher is unvaccinated, and we’re not comfortable with that, what can we do? **Updated Answer**
A:     Vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members. 

Q:    Are unvaccinated staff required to have periodic COVID screening?
A:    Yes, vaccinations or regular testing are now required for all staff members.

Physical Distancing

Q:    How are the schools ensuring 6ft+ distancing between kids all throughout the school day with everyone back at school at same time?

A:    At this time, there are no social distancing requirements indoors or outside.


Q:    Being culturally sensitive, will parents be allowed to walk the students to their classroom door... Especially for the elementary students?

A:    Parents are allowed on campus during drop-off and pick-up for a limited period and wearing a face covering.  Each school will have drop-off and pick-up procedures specific to their site.


Q:    Will students be placed in cohorts for the upcoming school year?

A:     No. This practice is no longer a requirement. 


Q: Is there any consideration about staggering class times to minimize contact?
A: Schools will stagger lunch/recess/passing time to the greatest extent operationally feasible. However, a “close contact” is considered to be 15 minutes in duration and within 6 feet of the confirmed case. 

Q: Will kindergarten students be separated from other students?
A: Kindergarten students will not be officially separated from other students.



Q:    Will you require temperature checks of each child before entering class?
A:    No. Parents and caregivers are asked to screen their children for symptoms each day.


Q:     Will there be health check every morning before students or teachers entering school?
A:     Parents and caregivers are being asked to do a health check every morning before school. Any child who comes to school sick will be sent home. For students who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, we will be offering on-site testing.


Q:    The delta variant has been reported to present with symptoms closer to "allergies" or the "common cold" - how will the district be screening for these more common (and more ignored by parents) symptoms?

A:     For any student who may come to school and have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, we will escort the child to the office where they will be tested for COVID-19 (with parent permission). We will then follow the quarantine guidelines based off of those results. Should parents not consent to on-site testing, we will ask you to pick up your child and provide a negative COVID-19 test before they return to school. 


Q:    Will you promote parents to keep kids home if feeling ill versus pushing for attendance?

A:     Yes. We will encourage staff and students to stay home when feeling ill.


Q:     Will you send kids home with cold-like symptoms and require a Covid test before returning to school?

A:     The District will be offering on-site testing with parent permission. If the test is negative, the child may return to school. If the test is positive, the child will be sent home and we will follow the quarantine protocols outlined by Public Health. If the child has a fever or is vomiting we will send the student home. This was our practice prior to COVID-19.


Q:     Are unvaccinated staff required to have periodic COVID screening?
A:     All staff members must complete a Covid health screening form before reporting to work in the morning.  If a staff member begins exhibiting symptoms during the day, a rapid Covid test will be available for them to take immediately at their school site.

Q:     Will school require staff/teachers to do covid test regularly so we can ensure students under 12 who are unvaccinated can stay safe in the classroom? **Updated**

A:     Yes, the school district is requiring staff/teachers to be vaccinated or participate in weekly covid testing.



Visitors and Volunteers


Q:      What is the difference between a visitor and a volunteer?
A:       A visitor is defined as any person seeking to enter the school building or grounds who is not an employee of the Moreland School District (MSD), a member of the governing board, or a student currently enrolled at MSD. A volunteer is defined as any person contributing time, energy, or talent that benefits the school without profiting monetarily. 

Q:      Are Visitors allowed on campus?
A:      Visitors who have been invited on campus by a staff member of the school or by appointment may enter campus by checking into the main school office and completing the District screening attestation form online ahead of time.  The screening attestation form can be found here.

Q:      Will volunteer programs be allowed on campus this year?
A:       Moreland treasures our parent/family volunteers, and thanks them for wanting to be a part of our schools. However, as we reopen schools full-time for the first time since Fall 2019, the District will not initially be allowing volunteers on campus.  The District will reassess allowing volunteers on campus in October 2021.

Q:     Will parents be allowed on campus for drop-off and pick-up?
A:      Each school site will have an individual drop-off and pick-up process according to their campus layout. Please see your school principal. 

2021-2022 TK-12 TEST RESULT DECISION TREE (rev 8/25/21)


Q:      What will be the process / protocol if a student (or student's family) is tested Covid positive? What will be the quarantine protocol?
A:       The quarantine protocols differ upon whether or not an individual is vaccinated or not. The California Department of Public Health has outlined detailed protocols for any student or close contact who has tested positive for COVID-19. This protocol is outlined in our Fall 2021 Reopening Plan. 


Q:       Will I be notified if there are any potential cases within the classroom/grade of my child?

A:        All families will be notified if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in their child’s classroom. We will continue to follow contact tracing and notification for “close contacts”. A close contact is defined as any persons who are not wearing masks and are within 6 feet of social distancing for 15 minutes or more during a 24 hour period. 


Q:      What will happen if there are cases on campus or in the classroom? Will there be quarantines?

A:       We will not be closing down classrooms or campuses unless directed to do so by a public health official. We will follow quarantine protocols for persons who are sick, have COVID-19 or may be a close contact. These protocols are outlined in our Fall 2021 Reopening Plan.


Q:     If there is a case in my child's classroom, will I, as the parent, have the option to keep my child at home until it is confirmed that no other student or staff in the classroom has been infected?

A:      This would not be the guidance of the California Public Health Department. Unless your child had close contact (was not wearing a mask and was within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period of time), keeping your child home is not recommended by the California Department of Public Health.


Q:   If a student or teacher/staff member notifies the school of a covid positive test result how will the school respond? Will everyone who is in the same classroom as the person be sent home to isolate for 7 days and do online school? 

A:    Moreland is following the quarantine protocols of the California Department of Public Health. The quarantine protocols differ for individuals who are vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. The quarantine protocol is outlined in our Fall 2021 Reopening plan. 


Q:     If we travel abroad, will the children need to quarantine?  If so, can they join distance learning?
A:      Quarantine restrictions after travel will depend on the state or Santa Clara County Health Department’s guidance at that time. You can learn more here:

Q:    If a student in a class tests positive, does every student need to be tested?
A:    If the student was a close contact but was wearing their mask, they will be tested immediately. They will remain at school with a negative test and have to retest again on day 5. Additionally, they will be excluded from extracurricular activities. If students are symptomatic and test positive, they must quarantine for 10 days.

Q:     In regards to daily screening, if a student has symptoms and is kept home, is there an online/Zoom option to participate in the class?
A:     No.  The student will be allowed to make up missed work when they return. We will explore options with principals and teachers to anticipate this need and plan accordingly.

Q: Will each school site provide testing or would it be at one central location for the entire district? (Updated 8/26/21)
A:     Both.  Each school site will provide testing and an outside testing option will be available at the District Office from 7:30am - 8:00am Monday - Friday. The District Office is located at 4711 Campbell Avenue.

Q: Will Moreland use rapid testing? (Updated 8/26/21)
A:    No.  Moreland will be offering free Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Covid testing.  Results will be available within 24-72 hours.

Q:     I am very concerned about the notification of COVID cases within the school.  Since the virus can be spread before showing symptoms, how will you account for the greater transmission rates of the Delta variant?  How will families be able to keep our families safe without appropriate notification of exposure?
A:     If there is a Covid case in your child’s class or grade-level, parents will be notified with a letter home.  In addition, the district will be initiating a Covid district dashboard this year on our website  The District is basing their decisions on the California Department of Public Health K-12 guidance which includes research and details about the Delta variant.

Q:    If my student has one or two symptoms of COVID, will they still have to stay home?
A:     Yes. Per SCCPHD and CDPH guidelines, students with  any symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately be isolated and sent home. If the student is not at school, parents/guardians must notify the school and keep their child home. These students must have the following to return to school:

  • A negative COVID test OR
  • A doctor provides a written explanation (note) that a medical evaluation was completed and a statement that an alternative explanation for symptoms has been identified and that COVID-19 testing is not indicated AND
  • Student has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication AND
  • Improvement in other symptoms

Q:    If a student is symptomatic, but a test is negative, can the student be allowed back in class?  Shouldn’t all symptomatic students be sent home?
A:    Please see the question and answer above. Yes: if a student has symptoms of COVID-19, they must be isolated and sent home until they have met the requirements listed in the previous Q & A to return.

Q:    Will parents be informed prior to their child being tested at school.  How fast is the turnaround for the test?A:     Yes, all parents will be contacted and must give consent before a Covid test is administered at school.  

Q:    What is the protocol for when student/staff test positive for COVID.  What test is used?
Moreland School District follows SCCPHD and CDPH protocol when a student or staff tests positive. PCR tests or laboratory-confirmed tests are the gold standard in confirming a positive case of COVID-19. The positive case is isolated at home for ten days or longer depending on symptoms and per instructions from their primary health care provider. All districts are required to report positive cases to the public health department. If the positive case was at school during their infectious period, the maintenance department will be informed to clean areas where the infected individual spent time. Individuals that were in close contact to the positive case will be contacted by the public health department and the district nurse. 

Q:    How long is the child to remain at home if tested positive?
A:    Symptomatic students or staff that test positive for COVID-19 must isolate at home for ten days from the date the symptoms first started. If the student or staff never experienced symptoms, they must isolate for ten days from the day the test was collected. They may not return to school for a full ten days, and must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, and there must be improvement in other symptoms. 

Q:    What is the protocol if one family member tests positive.  How and who do we notify?
A:     Please notify the front office staff immediately by phone if a family member tests positive for COVID-19. The student will need to quarantine at home; the quarantine time will depend on whether the family member lives in the home or in another location. The district nurse, in collaboration with the public health department, will contact you to determine when your child can safely return to school and what testing will be required.

Q:     What is the threshold of COVID cases increase that will cause suspension of in-person schooling?
A:      The CDPH does not have a threshold this year. The guidance is to stay open unless we are directed to close by CDPH or some other oversight agency. 

Q:     Will Moreland remain open if any teachers/students test positive for COVID?
A:      Yes. The guidance from the California Department of Public Health is to remain open. 

Q: If sick kids stay home, how does that work with unexcused absences?
A: If a student stays home because they are sick. That is an excused absence. Please continue to call in any absences to your school's Absence Line.

Q:     What is the isolation room?
A:      The isolation room is a technical term we use for any students who are escorted down to the office because of apparent symptoms consistent with COVID-19. It is a “waiting room” where a student is supervised and also where we will conduct COVID-19 testing (with parental consent). The CDPH guidelines require us to have a room designated as the waiting area that is separated from the office. We do not use the term “isolation” room with the students.

Q:    What is the policy around sick days?  Will a negative COvid test/doctor’s note be required to return to school?  If the child is home but not really sick, is there an option for joining the class via zoom?

A:    There is not an option to attend class via zoom.  If students are out sick, they will be marked absent but allowed to make up the work.  

Q:    My child has allergies where she has itchy eyes and runny nose with occasional coughing.  Her concern (as she's listening) is that others will think she is sick.  How do you suggest I can make sure all feel safe around her and for my child not to feel insecure of her allergies and what others think?

A:    We would suggest talking directly with your child's teacher and/or bringing a Dr's note to the office.  Your child's teacher can help alleviate any concerns in class with other students.



Q:      Will the classroom air quality be monitored using CO2 sensors?  
A:       Yes.  All classroom thermostats are in the process of being replaced.  The new thermostats have CO2 sensors built in.  For any classrooms that will not be done before school starts, they will have a stand-alone CO2 sensor installed until the thermostat can be replaced.

Q:     Who is responsible for monitoring the CO2 sensor levels in the classroom? Will they alarm when the levels reach an unacceptable limit? What is that limit? What happens when a classroom reaches this limit - what will the planned response be?
A:     The monitors in the classroom alert MOT staff if the number goes above the set limit.  If that happens, the system is designed to increase ventilation as necessary.  If it is a portable CO2 unit, MOT will respond and update the system manually.

Q:      Please address the HVAC ventilation.  Do all our classrooms have the required level of ventilation?
A:      For indoor spaces, we are following the guidance that states ventilation should be optimized. We have also installed MERV-13 filters and have been and will continue to replace those quarterly. Should we have any situations where a classroom’s  HVAC system is down, we have portable MERV 13 air filters that will be deployed. All classroom ventilation systems are designed to meet the ventilation minimum of 15 cfm of fresh air per student.

Q: When will the school field and playground be reopened for community use in the afternoon/evenings?
A: The district is in the process of removing the orange fencing around the playgrounds.  The public will have access afternoons and evenings until the gates are locked.

Q:   What's the cleaning/disinfesting protocols for classroom and bathroom? Will it be done everyday?
A: Classrooms and restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily. If there is a suspected, or confirmed case of COVID-19 we will additionally disinfect the impacted classroom/bathroom by utilizing the fogger within 24 hours of notification.

Q:     What disinfectant is used in the schools?
A:      The district uses two products, both of which are on the EPA’s list of approved products for schools and use against COVID: (1) 3M Quat Disinfectant Cleaner #5 and  (2) Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaner.

Q:    How many air changes per hour are being required in classrooms, and are HEPA air purifiers being added to classrooms to reach that required minimum when open doors/windows plus HVAC air replacement rates fall short of the minimum standard?
A:     For the average size classroom (960 sq ft), the recommended standard is 6-8 air changes per hour (ACH).  For larger rooms the number is lower.  The District’s HVAC systems are programmed to provide 11 ACH which exceeds the standard. 

Because of this and the addition of MERV 13 filters, the systems operate at above required ventilation and filtration levels even with the windows and doors closed.  Therefore, if windows and doors are able to be open, the air ventilation is even higher.  

We are only providing portable filters to classrooms if the HVAC unit stops working.

Q:    Will there be more handwashing stations?
A:     The district has added additional handwashing stations outside.  All classrooms will have hand sanitizer available even if they have an indoor sink.

Q:   How often are the bathrooms cleaned?
A:    Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected twice per day.

Q:    Why would you not disinfect classrooms on a daily basis?  If a student is positive, you may not know until later?
A:    UPDATED: Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every day. This information is a revision to the first Reopening Q&A. 

Q:    What about disinfecting common areas?
A:     Common areas will be cleaned and disinfected every day.

Q:    Why are playground structures not being regularly sanitized?
A:    The principal mode by which people are infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is through exposure to respiratory droplets carrying the virus. Infection through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects is considered low.

Independent Study Program (ISP)

Q:     Will Independent Study be taught by credentialed teachers.
Yes, the ISP teachers are credentialed.

Q:      Are there changes to the Independent Study program and can parents who are not comfortable sending their students back choose that program? **UpdatedAnswer**
A:      Yes, ISP has been modified to meet the new requirements.  There are 2 options for Independent Study this year: Moreland's traditional Independent Study Homeschool program and a virtual program for parents who feel their child's health may be at risk by sending them to school for in-person instruction.  You may learn more about both programs by visiting Moreland’s ISP web page.

Q:      When does Independent Study registration open for families and can students join in the middle of the school year?
A:     ISP is currently open for families to register.  We encourage all families to pick a choice that they are comfortable with and can complete for a full grading period so there is minimal disruption for the student’s learning. As special circumstances allow, registration for the ISP program is available in the middle of the year.

Q:       Is there criteria to join the Independent Study program?
A:       There are criteria to join Moreland’s ISP program.  Read more here.

Q:       If a parent chooses the Independent Study program, can the student move back to the classroom sooner than the end of the semester?
A:        As mentioned above, we ask that every family learn about the program carefully before making a decision to join.  Educational consistency is important for students. However, if a family needs to make a change sooner, we will return the student back to in-person instruction within 5 days.  Please note that for staffing purposes, it is not possible to hold your child's spot at their home school. Placement will be made where there is space available at one of Moreland’s excellent schools.

Q:      Can you please provide highlights from the newly passed trailer bill AB 130/SB130 and how Moreland plans to adhere to the directives?
A:       Assembly Bill/Senate Bill 130 requires school districts to offer Independent Study for the 2021-2022 school year if it meets the family’s needs. New requirements to Moreland’s Independent Study program include daily attendance, daily interaction, 30 minutes of synchronous instruction for grades K-3, and 1 hour of weekly synchronous instruction for grades 4-8. District staff will provide an update on the budget and programmatic changes contained in AB 130: 21/22 Budget Trailer Bill at the August 10, 2021 Board Meeting.  The Moreland community is encouraged to join this meeting at 6pm via Zoom, and a recording of this meeting will be made available following the board meeting. For more information on Moreland’s Independent Study Program, visit our website here.

Q:     How do we sign up for the new ISP?
A:     All students need to be enrolled in the Moreland School District prior to enrollment in ISP.  After district enrollment, The ISP application form needs to be completed.  Parents will be contacted by the ISP teachers to set up a conference to discuss program expectations and sign a written agreement.

Q:    If my child is already enrolled for the 2021 school year, is it possible to change to independent school?
A:     Yes, children may enroll in the Independent Study Program if they are a registered Moreland student.

Q:     Does a child need to disenroll the current school year in order to participate in ISP?  What if once ISP is over, the child can no longer go to the original school they attended pre-COVID?
A:     The child does not need to disenroll from their current school.  If families make the choice to place their child in the ISP program, they will belong to the ISP school.  When the families want to return to their original school, every effort will be made to change students back to their original home school.  However, due to staffing and changing enrollment, return placement cannot be guaranteed.

Q:     Please clarify how to choose the ISP option for this year.
A:     New families should register as a new student.  Once registered, both new and returning families can complete the ISP application form.  Parents will be contacted by the ISP teachers to set up a conference to discuss program expectations and sign a written agreement.

Q:     Why isn’t there an option for full online instruction (not ISP) for students whose parents are not comfortable sending their students to school?  ISP is not a replacement for a full proper instruction.
A:     Moreland has partnered with Edmentum to supplement daily core contact in a virtual format. A Moreland teacher will oversee this program and check in daily with TK-3 students for a live/synchronous Social Emotional Learning lesson and weekly with students in grades 4-8. This track of ISP is for families who want more than Moreland’s traditional ISP homeschooling option, but are not comfortable with sending their student to school for in-person instruction.  Once registered, both new and returning families can complete the ISP application form.  Parents will be contacted by the ISP teachers to set up a conference to discuss program expectations and sign a written agreement.

Q:     Will the contracting firm provide the same quality education as the high quality Moreland teachers?
A:      Moreland will have a teacher overseeing the virtual academy, and Moreland’s long-standing, credentialed ISP teachers are continuing to serve the ISP Homeschooling needs. The virtual curriculum is aligned to our grade level standards and the ISP teacher will provide oversight and accountability. There is no replacement for full time in-person instruction, however, we have worked creatively, in a short period of time, to provide a middle ground between our original ISP and last year’s distance learning program. 

Q:      Can you talk about SEL in the ISP program?
A:       Students in the ISP Virtual Academy will have daily social-emotional learning lessons in grades TK-3 and weekly social-emotional lessons in grades 4-8. This will be provided by the Moreland ISP teacher. 

Q:      If the county moves to the purple tier, do we have a hybrid option at that time or is there absolutely no online platform other than independent learning?
A:      Santa Clara County and the State of California did away with their colored tiers in June 2021.  Should the Santa Clara County Public Health Department require a school or the district to shut down, the District will adhere to the Distance Learning Schedule created and followed in the 2020/2021 school year.

Q:     If kids choose the ISP, can they return to the school they have been attending (assuming there is space) once they are vaccinated even if it's not their home school?  If there is no space, where will these intra-district transfer kids fall in the priority queue?
A:    If families make the choice to place their child in the ISP program, they will belong to the ISP school.  When the families want to return to their last enrolled in-person school, every effort will be made to change students back to their original home school.  However, due to staffing and changing enrollment, return placement cannot be guaranteed. Placement is determined based on the availability at the time of the request, for families who live within the boundaries of their home school, as well as for Intra-District Transfer requests.

Inside the Classroom

Q:     Will there be any measures taken to separate children such as distancing or barriers in classrooms?
A:     At this time, there are no social distancing requirements indoors or outside. However, we are working with principals to be as creative as possible regarding distancing outdoors during lunch time. 


Q:    Will the kids be sharing supplies in the classroom?
A:     Yes, it is possible students may be sharing some supplies inside the classroom.


Q:     Will students have their own stationery to use so they do not share with anyone else to reduce safety risk?

A:      We know much more about COVID-19 transmission this year than we did last. The most recent studies show that COVID-19 transmission is less likely to occur by sharing supplies, paper, and other items in the classroom. 


Q:     Will there be social distancing in class?
A:      Social distancing in class is not required due to the requirement to wear a mask while indoors.

Q:     Will there be plexiglass on student desks?
A:      There are some limited instances where plexiglass will be provided for students, but this is not a practice that we will be implemented for all students. 

Q:     Will students be required to wash hands when entering the classroom?  Or will they use hand sanitizer?  Would doors have to open early to accommodate this?
A:     Students will be asked to wash their hands when entering the classroom. If a sink is not available or there is not enough time, hand sanitizer will be used.  

Q:     How many students are in one classroom?
A:     Current class ratios allow for up to 25 students in classrooms Tk - 3 grade, up to 34 per classroom in grades 4-8.



Q:      When do you start school?
School starts for all grades, Transitional Kindergarten - 8th grade, on Thursday, August 19, 2021.

Q:      When does Transitional Kindergarten reopen?
A:       Transitional Kindergarten will begin on the same day as all other grades, August 19.

Q:      Will the playground schedules be stacked so not all kids are on the playground at the same time?
A:      Moreland’s elementary schools stack their lunch schedules alternating when students eat and when students play at designated areas throughout the campus.  Traditional recess times will be followed.

Q:      When will we know which classes and teachers my child will have? **Updated**
A:       In lieu of class lists posted at school sites this year, all families can check their child’s teacher(s) on Aeries. Aeries also houses our Parent Portal 1st Day of School Information packet that needs to be completed by all families before September 17, 2021. Class lists/teachers will be posted on Aeries on Wednesday, August 18th at 4:00pm. To access Aeries and check classes/teacher assignments, click here > log-in > Student Info (left side column) > Profile .

If you do not remember your password, type in your email address and click “Forgot Password”

Q:      What are the school hours?
A:       Each school has its own school hours, please refer to the school site web page for your school site’s bell schedule.

Q:      What will the school day look like schedule/routine wise so I can prep my son on what to expect?
A:       Students will return to fall for full-time in-person instruction on August 19th. School schedules are available on your school site webpage.  Students are required to wear a mask at all times while indoors.  At this time there are no distancing requirements, inside or outdoors. 

Q:     Will there be any hybrid program where there are a few days in person and the rest online?
A: There will not be a hybrid program. This year, all 7 Moreland schools are open full-time for in-person instruction.  If a family is uncomfortable sending their child to school, there are two Independent Study program options available for students:  Moreland’s traditional ISP homeschooling program and an ISP supplemented with virtual content.  To learn more about the ISP program options, visit here



Q:    How will masks be enforced during lunch and recess? Will you hire yard duty staff to ensure masks are worn after lunch and recess during the new school year?
A:     At this time, masks are not required while students are outdoors.  This includes lunch and recess.


Q:     If students are taking masks off outside, will there be hand sanitizer or hand washing stations set up outside and available for them to use before trying to put on their masks and entering the classroom? Where will they keep their masks while outside? Will they be required to wash hands upon reentering the classroom after being on high touch surfaces?

A:   Handwashing stations and sinks are available for students to use outside.  Sinks and hand sanitizer are also available inside the classrooms and the district is recommending that students either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry to the classroom. 


Q:   Will you be spreading kids out when eating lunch given they will be unmasked and eating?

A:    The sites will encourage students to spread out as much as possible while eating.


Q:    What will be the procedure for elementary school kids to eat morning snack and lunch?  No masks with no social distancing while eating?
Every school site will have morning snack and lunch precautions to keep students as safe as possible.  Students will be encouraged to sit apart as much as they can while eating even though there is no distance requirement. School sites will implement distancing strategies to the best extent possible given operational feasibility.


Q:    How will students eat outside on rainy, smoky or spare the air days?  Can these days be distance learning days?
A:   The plans are to serve students inside and have them eat outside as often as possible.  If students must eat inside due to inclement weather situations, sites will do what is operationally feasible to provide as much distance as possible while students are eating.  Moreland has prepared inside ventilation systems to operate at premium capacity and safety when students must remain indoors with doors closed.  


Meal Service

Q:      Will there be meal service this year?
A:       All school sites will be serving FREE breakfast and lunch meals to Moreland students in each school’s cafeteria. All Covid protocols will be performed in each of the cafeterias. Menus are available on the Moreland School District website.

Q:     I read California will now offer free lunch to all kids? Can you confirm this? How do we get a refund on our Titan account?

A:     Yes, all students will be offered free breakfast and free lunch next year.  However, information regarding what other funding the district receives based on meal applications will be coming to you in the mail.  It is important to complete this application so the district can continue to receive funding  for other vital services.   Refunds can be requested by sending an email directly to and/or


Q:     Will there be social distancing in the cafeteria when students are getting food?

A:      When students are in the cafeteria they will be required to wear masks as they are going through the lunch line. Social distancing is not a requirement, but we will encourage students to monitor their personal space.


Q:     Will there be hot lunches inside?
A:      The Food Service department will be serving hot meals inside the cafeteria.  Students will be eating their meals outside. Principals have worked to put in place protocols for outdoor lunches and also working on their back-up plan should it rain or the air quality (because of smoke) become unhealthy for students to be outdoors. 

Q: Can a student bring lunch to school?
A: Yes



Q:     Will school bus services resume on Aug 19th and what is the process to enroll for school bus?

A:      Yes. Transportation information is available for the 2021/2022 school year.  You can complete the bus pass for here.


Q:    Are buses a free service, or something we need to pay for?

A:     There is a cost for bussing services.  If you would like to be considered for a free or reduced price bus pass, complete a meal application and the District can determine if you qualify. 


Middle School

Q:     Will there be after-school sports this year?
A:      Yes.  More information will be available after the start of school.


Q:     Are children going to be dressing out for P.E.?
A:      Yes.  


Q:     Will there be an orientation for new 6th graders? If so, where can we find more information about it?

A:      Yes. Each middle school will send information out to families the week of August 9, 2021. Each middle school's office is open to answer your phone calls and/or emails.  


Q:     I was wondering how middle school will work with kids constantly changing classes and interacting with multiple classes.
Since students will be wearing masks inside the classroom, they will not be required to wear a mask while changing classes outdoors.  Students are given 3 minutes to change periods in middle school, and therefore would not be at risk of being a close contact.

Q:    Where do we get PE uniforms?
A:     Please contact your school for this information.

Q:     Will there be school dances?
A:      We have decided to cancel school dances for this fall. We will reassess this winter. 

Q:     Do middle school students need to buy school supplies?
A:      Yes, please contact your school for a suggested list.

Q:     Are you having an orientation or a tour for 7th grade?  Many students didn’t have the opportunity to visit the campus last year.
A:     At EDS and Latimer, the 7th grade students have been invited to the 6th grade orientation. At MMS, due to the number of students, the 7th grade Core teacher will provide an orientation.



Q:      Is there a page where I can find a list of items students will need for school?
A:      The school offices will reopen in August, and school supplies will be updated on each school site’s website.

Q:      What are the contingency plans should things get worse like the Fall of 2020?
A:       Moreland will continue to follow the California Department of Public Health and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department for guidance.  If the County requires Moreland schools to shut down, the district will begin Distance Learning remotely, with the goal of minimal interruption toward our students’ learning.

Q:      How has the plan to fully return changed since new cases are on the rise in Santa Clara County even with our high percentage of fully vaccinated people
A:       We have updated our Fall 2021 Reopening Plan in accordance with Santa Clara County guidance. 

Q:     It looks like you are basing all your decisions on the original virus, but the Delta variant is much more transmissible.  How are you addressing that?
A:     The District is basing their decisions on the California Department of Public Health K-12 guidance which includes research and details about the Delta variant. As new research becomes available, we will look to the CDPH to provide those required and recommended protocols to the districts. 

Q:     Other schools post COVID numbers for teachers/staff and for students (without identifying the person).  Will Moreland do the same?
A: Yes, Moreland will initiate a Covid district dashboard on our website this year: We are still exploring our options for doing so and will have a dashboard live by the start of the school year.

Q:     What is the logic behind the fact back in 2020 when COVID was not impacting children the schools went into shut down, and now that is actually dangerous for children the schools are reopening full-time?
A:     Scientists and researchers have been studying COVID-19 transmission for the past 18 months. We know more now than we did when the pandemic started. The CDPH guidance is based upon that research. The guidance is saying that it is safe to reopen schools for full-time instruction when schools implement layered safety measures. Certainly there is no scenario where we eliminate the risk of spreading COVID-19. The benefits of in-person schooling are being prioritized. Our job as a district is to implement safety measures and mitigate, monitor and manage the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

Q:    To minimize adults in schools, will conferences look different this year?
A:     Conferences start in November.  We will reassess our situation at that time.  We do plan to hold all Back to School nights on zoom.

Q:      Does before/after care follow the same safety procedures?  What about sports, music, and extracurriculars?
A:      The guidance from CDPH places an emphasis on a full return to school, including extracurricular activities, sports, music, etc. We will put safety protocols in place for these activities that are very similar, if not the same as what we are doing in classrooms. We are still waiting for more guidance from CDPH on athletics.

Q:     How will PE work?
A:      PE will be conducted in the same manner as previous years. It will be outside and distanced as possible. Middle school students will dress for PE. 

Q:     If schools go back to virtual learning, will students be trained on how to use Zoom, Seesaw, Google Classroom Cleaver and also computer skills.
A:     This is something we could work with principals and teachers on. Our hope is that we do not revert back to  distance learning or hybrid learning. Moreland will not close classrooms/schools unless we are directed to do so by an oversight agency. 

Q:     Will assemblies be held outdoors?  Will school field trips resume?
A:      All large gatherings (assemblies/rallies etc.) will be held outdoors. We are asking schools to pause on any field trips for the fall. The only exception to this is science camp. Science camp has to document their health and safety protocols and they are strictly monitored. 

Q: What is happening with the collaboration with Stanford Children’s Health?
A: We are proud to be continuing our partnership and collaboration with Stanford Children's Health on information sessions and vaccination clinics.  Stanford recently provided a vaccination clinic in the beginning of the summer.  As more community events are scheduled, Moreland will inform staff and families.

Q:     Do returning students need to register?
A:      If you were enrolled during the 20/21 school year in either hybrid or DL, your enrollment status was rolled forward.  If you are new to the District or notified the District that you would not be returning for the 21/22 school year, you will need to register.

Q:   Will schools be working out a curriculum to account for some learning loss during the pandemic year?
A:    Teachers have held vertical articulations meetings to understand the standards that may have been challenging to teach in distance learning. The teachers will strategically place those standards into the scope and sequence of this year's standards to ensure the foundational skills are addressed. We will also continue our instructional model of using small groups and flex groups to provide targeted instruction based on student data. In addition, we have increased intervention staff that will provide support to students during the school day and after school based on need.

Q:     Will there be holiday activities?
A:      We have not yet discussed or decided this.

Q:     Water fountains or water bottles?
A:      Water fountains will not be in use. Please bring water bottles.

Q:     Will there be science camp?
A:      Yes. Science camp has strict health and safety protocols that they must follow. 

Q: Will there be music/band/orchestra for 4th & 5th grade and middle school students in the upcoming school year?  If so, how will that work for students who play woodwind instruments who need to take off their masks to play their instrument?
A: We will move forward with music/band/orchestra. We have ordered “bell covers” for instruments to minimize the blowing of air from one instrument to another. We will also work with teachers to socially distance to the greatest extent possible. 

Q:     Will Back to School Night be on Zoom?
A:      We have decided to have Back to School Night on Zoom this year. We want to minimize the number of adults/crowds in our schools this fall. We will continue to reassess this practice for other evening events. 

Q: What extra measures are you putting in place for 6th graders (who are unvaccinated) that are different than 7th and 8th graders?  It concerns me that there is no mention of extra safety measure for the under 12 yrs of age.
A: The safety measures we are putting in place are intended to keep our students and staff safe, regardless of vaccination status. The CDPH outlines these guidelines and we will follow them. Our layered approach to mitigation strategies do include some “extras”. For instance, we have installed Merv 13 filters in all of our HVAC systems and will change them out quarterly. We are also monitoring for CO2 in each classroom.Our efforts to increase ventilation and air quality meet more than the minimum requirements.  

We will have disinfecting kits inside all of our classrooms, but this is no longer a requirement. We will be cleaning and disinfecting our classrooms daily. Disinfecting daily is no longer a requirement, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, we have talked with principals about building in more frequent hand washing breaks - especially for our youngest learners.

Q:      My son receives in-person therapy.  What process should I follow for the Aide to be able to be at school?
A:     Please contact our Student Services department at (408) 874-2951 or

Q:      Where is the full Reopening Plan on the website?
A:       You can view the Reopening Plan here.

Q:      Academically, what is the district plan to improve education and social behavior of the kids?  I understand there is a lot of focus on safety, however we should not let the quality of education get dismissed.  The district should constantly work towards improving the quality of the service.
A:     We understand that the pandemic has affected our students in different ways. Moreland places a high priority on the mental health of our students. We are committed to making every effort to address sources of distress and extend flexibility where possible. As we fully reopen schools this fall, staff will create opportunities for early identification of learning needs and academic or mental health support needed to ensure students are adjusting in healthy ways. 

Moreland School District’s Counseling Program offers free, comprehensive school-based counseling supports to students. These services are provided by licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals and credentialed school counselors.  Services offered are evidence based, positive and strengths focused, and include individual, group, and whole class therapies in areas such as: stress management, coping and social skills, strategies to deal with grief and loss, anger management, conflict resolution, substance abuse therapy, and academic empowerment. When needed, the school counselor may also refer the student to outside professionals if school-based counseling is not sufficient to meet a student’s needs. Parents interested in referring their child to on-site counseling services may contact their child’s school office to obtain referral and consent forms.

Additionally, Moreland has a plan to address learning loss at all our school sites, including additional intervention during and after the school day.  For specific information, please contact your school sites.